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The Lincoln Park Associates estate planning process is straightforward and transparent.
Estate Planning Process

LPA tailors the process for the individual client, but the following should provide a general idea of what you can expect as we work together to protect your family and your assets.

Initial Call

Initial call to introduce the firm and services and to understand your primary goals.


LPA will send an Estate Planning Information Worksheet to find out important personal information about your family, financial assets, and directives. The purpose of the worksheet is to make the initial in-person meeting as productive as possible. No additional documentation is needed at this point, you should focus on the amount, type, and ownership of the assets. All information you provide is strictly confidential.

Free Initial Consultation

The first in-person meeting will give you an opportunity to ask questions about the firm and overall process. As importantly, it allows us to listen and learn about you, your family, and your wishes. We want to understand your goals and if there was any particular reason that prompted a need for estate planning at this time.


With a thorough understanding of your needs, LPA will send an engagement letter with a clear description of services and associated fee. With few exceptions, LPA works on a flat fee basis. This provides you with peace of mind that there will not be excessive hourly billing. LPA asks that you sign and return the engagement letter with half of the fee.


The second in-person meeting will be a discussion of the overall planning strategy and a comprehensive summary of your plan. The summary gives an opportunity for you to understand what the plan entails and to ensure the you are comfortable all of your concerns are addressed. It is also a time to talk about any open issues for you and LPA. Depending on the complexities of your needs, additional meetings or calls may be scheduled.

Signing/Notary Meeting

At the final meeting, LPA will present and review the fully designed plan and answer any final questions. LPA can also provide a notary, if requested. Please be advised that you have none of the protections an estate plan will provide until the documents are actually signed, witnessed, and notarized.

Funding the Estate

After the estate is established, LPA will help you fund it by providing step-by-step instructions for protecting your assets through re-titling.


Call (202) 330-3965 or fill out the form to schedule your free consultation.

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