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Lincoln Park Associates has a reputation built on integrity. Our business is a direct reflection of our clients.
Research and Analysis

Successful advocacy campaigns begin with thorough research and analysis. Lincoln Park Associates invests time and resources to understand the subtleties of the issues most important to our clients. We have the expertise to understand the nuances of the people, policies and processes to develop the most effective stratgies to achieve the objectives of our clients.

Strategic Communications

Efficacy through communications. Whether it's talking points, letters to policy makers, testimony or regulation comment letters, Lincoln Park Associates develops a targeted plan to reach the right audience to effect change. With over 17 years of experience working with legislative and executive branches and regulatory agencies, we have distinct access to the audience that matters to our clients.

Strategy Development and Implementation

Lincoln Park Associates listens carefully to the unique needs of our clients and develops customized strategic plans to achieve their specific goals. Our approach is simple:


  • We take the time to understand our client needs and objectives

  • Research and analyze the issue and political landscape

  • Develop strategic solutions to achieve client objectives and goals


We have strong relationships with legislators, regulators, their staff, coalitions and associations, and use that access to further the goals of our clients.

Areas of Expertise
  • Financial Regulation

  • Regulatory Agencies

  • Coalition Management

  • ​Legislative Analysis

  • Regulatory Analysis

  • Pension Managment 

  • Corporate Compliance

  • International Financial Institutions

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